How can we help administrators and educators find and adapt best practices from other schools, when most of these programs are new?

Today, a school considering online lessons and other technologies needs a blueprint of best practices to follow, and they have few examples of fully integrated programs to guide them.


  • There are few successful examples of transformative technology integration.

    • Most schools that use technology do so in a peripheral way, not a transformative manner.
    • Schools have spent over $60 billion on computers in the last two decades but have not radically changed the schooling model.
    • 40% of schools with 1:1 device access do not use computers every day.
    • Advocacy and research group Project RED has identified nine elements for how a school uses technology to transform its teaching and learning model; just 1% of public schools have succeeded across all nine elements.
    • There aren’t more players in this space …you have to be really ambitious to do this and interested in getting into the gut of the schools.” – Investor in education start-ups
  • Schools looking to integrate technology are not aware of best practice models.

    • The quickly expanding availability of educational technology resources has oversaturated the market and made it difficult for teachers to differentiate among them.
    • Several organizations (e.g., Innosight Institiute) lay out different school models but few lay out the roadmap for a school to adopt a specific model; this gap has led to the rise of “integrators” that assist schools in adopting technology (e.g., Ed Elements).
    • Districts know they want to offer online courses to students and want to increase the presence of digital content, but they often don’t know where to begin.” –Digital education advocate
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Current Efforts

  • New players are emerging to meet a growing market need, providing consultative services to help schools design customized solutions 

    • 2Revolutions partners with schools at the earliest stages of the development process to design a new way of thinking about learning and teaching that is tailored to their environment.
    • New Classrooms tailors the model piloted in the New York City School of One project to the needs of schools in other cities looking to build a personalized teaching program.