2Revolutions partners with schools & districts to support the design and implementation of integrative learning models

  • What does the product do?

    • 2Revolutions partners with schools, districts and other entities to design learning models that are personalized, learner-driven, applied, tech-enabled, cost-effective and competency-based
  • How does it work?

    • 2Revolutions leverages a proprietary design methodology, an online knowledgebase (2RKB), and a cloud-based network of experts (TalentCloud) in its work with schools and districts
  • How is it used?

    • Schools, districts, for-/non-profits, foundations and state/local government entities utilize 2Revolutions as a think tank, consultant and design studio
  • What is the background?

    • 2Revolutions was founded in March 2008 and is 100% self-funded


What's New


2Revolutions partners with schools early in the design process and develops customized solutions based upon rigorous research

  • 2Revolutions designs a customized solution for each school partner

    • Rather than pushing a specific model, each 2Revolutions partnership is oriented toward the specific characteristics and goals of the institution
    • Though 2Revolutions employs a consistent framework for improved learning and teaching, there is wide room for customization
    • Design process is iterative, incorporating feedback throughout
  • School designs are informed by research into what works and a deep field of experts

    • 2Revolutions maintains its own research effort, producing and compiling materials for its KnowledgeBase and design library
    • In addition to its core team, expertise is sourced through the company’s Talent Cloud, which recruits freelance specialists on a per-project basis
  • 2Revolutions addresses the spectrum from early childhood through college and career readiness in its design models

    • Design partnerships are focused on building up the educational pipeline from birth through age 26
    • School design models are oriented toward a range of goals outside of just student achievement


What's Working


2Rev is creating a new market space by bringing personalized and innovative solutions to a variety of educational institutions

  • 2Rev develops personalized solutions, rather than attempting to replicate a singular model

    • Designers have compiled a list of 350+ tech tools to understand how they can be used, with at least an additional 150 pending
  • 2Rev has helped design transformative, end-to-end solutions

    • In Manchester NH, worked with design team on the ground over 5+ months to take a 2-year CTE program for 11th and 12th graders and re-launch it as a fully competency-based model
    • In Franklin County, VT, a new blended high school model (Academy 21) that emerged through 2Revolutions’ design process was recently awarded a Next Generation Learning Challenge award
    • Worked with New Tech Network to develop a 5-year plan for sustained growth and impact for the network of tech-enabled, project-based high schools
  • An increasingly diverse set of partners are opting to work with 2Rev 

    • Current partners include large urban and rural school districts, charter management organizations, non-profits, foundations,  businesses and government entities
    • 2Rev solutions are reaching students in traditional settings (e.g., district and charter schools) and in settings not typically included in innovative reform movements (e.g., informal learning environments, private/religious schools, juvenile detention centers and prisons)



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The Future of Learning