BetterLesson is a tool for teachers to come together and share curricula and instructional resources

  • What does the product do?

    • Allows teachers to upload/download instructional content to/from a searchable online database
    • Provides course builder tool for teachers to organize their own materials
  • How does it work?

    • Available online as a free product for teachers
    • Schools and districts can purchase an enhanced product that features an on-site network
  • How is it used?

    • Teachers use BetterLesson as a tool to prepare and organize course materials as they begin the year and on an ongoing basis as they prepare lessons 
    • Teachers connect with each other using BetterLesson’s profiles and other social network elements
  • What is the background?

    • Founded in 2008 by a group of teachers from Atlanta and Boston public schools
    • Founding investor: NewSchools Venture Fund
    • Raised $1.6M in Series A funding in September 2011


What's New


BetterLesson saves teachers time and improves their practice while allowing the most talented teachers to make impact beyond their own classrooms

  • BetterLesson makes it easy for teachers to find relevant, quality instructional materials

    • Content can be filtered by grade level, subject, file type, instructional type, and curriculum type
    • Teachers don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” to teach each topic and save valuable time lesson planning
    • Feedback allows teachers to quickly find high-quality content
  • BetterLesson connects teachers and allows them to collaborate

    • Collaboration tools such as real-time lesson-plan editing allow teachers to co-create courses, lightening the individual workload while increasing the quality of the output 
    • Teachers are encouraged to modify and improve materials they download, an iterative process that increases the quality of content available
    • Talented teachers can make impact beyond their individual classroom by sharing materials and best practices


What's Working


BetterLesson is rapidly growing and improving its product while bettering teachers’ quality of life

  • BetterLesson is attracting teachers and schools at a rapid rate

    • BetterLesson has more than 150,000 teachers registered, with 350 new registrations daily
    • The database holds more than 450,000 files, and 100,000 complete lesson plans
    • Schools from the KIPP, Rocketship, Achievement First, and DC Public Schools networks have rolled out BetterLesson for their schools and teachers
    • More than 200 schools nationwide are enterprise customers
  • Teachers enjoy using BetterLesson because of how it connects them with other teachers, improves their instruction, and helps them save time lesson planning

    • I think teaching can often be a lonely profession…it’s so easy to lose contact with other teachers…one of the ways I have found I’m able to stay connected is through BetterLesson. Contributing to and drawing from an initiative that is aimed to improve teaching and learning is something that I’ve really enjoyed” -Teacher
    • If only I discovered BetterLesson earlier in my career, my life would of been a whole lot easier!” -Teacher


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