BloomBoard helps teachers improve their practice by enabling personalized feedback & support that meets their individual needs


  • What does the product do?

    • Provides free observation and evaluation software to states and districts in order to implement mandated evaluation processes
    • Uses the data collected in the observations to create personalized professional development (PD) goals
    • Provides individualized recommendations to PD resources via a marketplace where teachers / administrators can purchase PD content 
  • How does it work?

    • Districts do not have new budget dollars to spend on observation tools, but must comply with federal and state mandates
    • BloomBoard provides those tools for free, so that the system can then help districts spend their existing PD budgets more effectively
    • By providing free compliance software BloomBoard builds a massive multi-state distribution channel, which it can then monetize through a revenue share on content purchases
  • Where is it used?

    • BloomBoard is used by the CO Dept. of Ed, the DE Dept. of Ed, Oakland USD, Rocketship, Aspire, Green Dot public schools, etc.
  • What is the background?

    • Launched in 2011, BloomBoard plays in a space that has typically not drawn many entrepreneurs
    • BloomBoard is a for-profit, with investments from Learn Capital & Imagine K-12
    • Winner at SXSW’s LaunchEDU 2012 competition



What's New


Bloomboard provides teachers the ability to better manage their practice while delivering access to best-in-class PD resources

  • Teachers and school administrators can easily manage every activity necessary to integrate observations and professional development

    • Streamline the process of classroom observations by documenting 
    • relevant interactions and observations in a central transparent location
    • Identify individual strengths, areas for growth, and personalized goals
    • Create individualized learning plans for each teacher to guide PD 
    • activities and track progress
  • Teachers can easily access best-in-class PD resources

    • Navigate through an open marketplace of workshops, videos, case studies, and academic journals related to teacher PD
    • Review personalized support recommendations customized to each teacher’s individualized learning plan and area of focus
  • Access and aggregation of data helps inform interventions and recommendations

    • BloomBoard uses the observation data collected and the student data imported into the system to inform its recommendation engine for content
    • Customers can purchase premium features, including fully customizable visualizations of all aggregated data to allow for targeted interventions


What's Working


BloomBoard is starting to improve effectiveness of teacher PD – for both teachers and school administrators

  • Teachers spend more time on learning that is customized to their needs

    • Teachers manage their own professional development by creating lesson plans and accessing PD content that is relevant to the feedback they have received
    • Teachers allocate resources (e.g., time, money) to PD activities that are customized and directly aligned with their individual development needs
  • Teachers have access to best-in-class content and activities

    • Teachers spend less time searching for relevant content and instead access the marketplace to select peer-reviewed content and workshops
  • School administrators able to most effectively provide teachers feedback and resources for further learning

    • Principals spend less time determining what PD activities to prescribe to each teacher
    • School administrators can better understand the impact of PD time and budget – and thereby spend less time compiling reports related to teacher PD (as per state mandates)


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