DreamBox Learning


DreamBox Learning leverages intelligent adaptive learning technology and gaming fundamentals to accelerate learning

  • What does the product do?

    • Teaches K-5 math using game-based learning
    • Instructional content and assessments are intertwined in the learning experience 
    • Intelligent adaptive learning engine delivers millions of individualized learning paths, each one tailored to a student’s unique needs
  • How does it work?

    • All content delivered online
    • Curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards
    • $7000 per school (for use at home and at school)
  • How is it used?

    • Teachers use it in large- and small-group instructional settings, and on a 1-to-1 basis
    • Used for entire classrooms, intervention, after school programs and as a supplemental learning tool at home
    • Over 90% of schools that use DreamBox are public schools
  • What is the background?

    • Launched in 2009, Dreambox is one of the premier math learning solutions
    • For-profit, raising over $18M in funding from Reed Hastings (Netflix), John Doerr, etc.
    • Inside sales force sells directly to schools over the phone – results in a short sales cycle
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What's New

Dreambox provides a immersive game-based learning experience, that personalizes content for each student and provides educators tools to track students’ progress in real-time

Students can access interactive content from any where at any time

  • Concepts are taught in an engaging format that uses animated characters that kids relate to
  • Can serve as the primary means of instruction in the classroom or as supplement content at home

Each student is given a personalized learning path through the content; students are motivated by game mechanics to progress through the content

  • Complex adaptive algorithm analyzes granular data points (e.g., performance, persistence, mouse clicks,) to select learning path for student
  • Self-paced software allows students to navigate through modules at their own pace and sequence
  • Students earn badges and meet new characters based on mastery

Students are given interactive assessments frequently to assess progress and identify need for intervention

  • Interactive assessments are tightly coupled with the content in a way that makes the learning experience appear seamless
  • Administrators, parents, and teachers have access to granular real-time dashboards that show student usage, progress, and problematic areas

What's Working

Dreambox has increased students engagement and excitement around learning while allowing teachers to focus on what’s most effective

Early indicators of success:

Students are motivated to through the content at their own pace
  • I don’t have to coax students into the program — they actually pester me during the day, asking ‘when is it my turn to go on DreamBox? – Teacher
  • DreamBox Learning identifies each child’s academic strengths and areas in need of support, and it scaffolds the learning from that point – Teacher
Students spending more time actually learning
  • Students get the support they need without even realizing it. In their minds, they’re playing a game, but in reality, they’re getting the tools and skills they need to succeed in math – Principal
  • DreamBox develops genuine number sense and cultivates students’ automaticity and quick reasoning with numbers, rather than having them believe that mathematics is about remembering.” – School Administrator
Teachers spending less time on whole group instruction and more time on targeted interventions for students
  • Teachers gain insights into each student’s knowledge and hone in on the areas that still need work for a specific grade level.” – School Principal