Edmodo provides a social learning platform to enable teachers and students to connect and collaborate

  • What does the product do?

    • Provides platform for teachers and students to collaborate, share content, and manage classroom activities such as homework, grades, and discussions
    • Connects teachers to a global network of educators, content, and professional development materials
    • Provides an API for independent developers and digital publishers to build and distribute applications
  • How does it work?

    • Free online website and mobile app with secure access
    • Basic third-party apps are free, premium apps are for purchase
    • Bottom-ups approach to adoption – initially targets individual teachers and students
  • How is it used?

    • Teachers connect with students to deliver content, manage activities and foster dialogue outside the classroom
    • Teachers join teachers networks for peer support, knowledge exchange and professional development
    • Students connect with peers for discussion and collaboration
    • Parents use the tool to stay informed of classroom activities, assignments, grades and school events
  • What is the background?

    • Founded in 2008 by Jeff O’Hara and Nicolas Borg
    • Received $47.5M in funding from Union Square Ventures, Learn Capital, Greylock Partners, Benchmark Capital and New Enterprise Associates
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What's New


Edmodo enriches the relationship between students and teachers by allowing for interactions outside of the classroom

  • Edmodo’s accessible digital platform facilitates continuous educational engagement outside the classroom among students and teachers
    • Teachers can generate and share assignments, videos, and quizzes through a secure, closed social network so that students have access both inside and outside the classroom
    • Students are connected to a network of teachers and peers to ask questions, share opinions, collaborate on projects and start initiatives such as creating podcasts
  • Edmodo provides teachers with a global network for peer support and discussion, content discovery and sharing, and professional development
    • Teachers can join community forums for teacher-to-teacher discussion and learning
    • Teachers can share and discover content using document libraries on a variety of subjects 
    • Content recommendations to individual teachers can be generated based on the large amount of data available
  • Edmodo has laid the foundation for an educational app marketplace that facilitates distribution for developers and publishers and discovery for students and teachers
    • The marketplace connects developers to purchasers (e.g. district leaders) and end users (e.g. teachers and students) by allowing a wide variety developers to make their products available on the marketplace
    • Edmodo creates communities for developers to interact with end users and receive give real-time feedback on their products
    • Teachers will have the ability to connect apps to existing Edmodo features such as badges, quizzes and assignments



What's Working


Edmodo is reducing the time teachers spend searching for lesson and increasing 1:1 interactions between teachers and students

  • Edmodo is seeing wide adoption globally in K-12 schools
    • Over 8.5M teachers and students across over 80,000 schools globally use Edmodo
    • In the US, Edmodo is currently being used in every state and reaches 85 of the 100 largest school districts including Chicago Public Schools, Denver Public Schools, Palm Beach, Florida, Clark County, Nevada, and Wake County, North Carolina. 
    • Steady growth has been seen in southeast Asia, Australia, and the UK
  • Teachers are using higher quality content while saving on time spent searching and assembling lessons
    • Edmodo has become the hub for sharing best practices and discovering content because teachers want access to each other and to the best learning resources in one place.”  - Teacher
    • I´ve sent [my students] a link to a video to explain grammar […] I´ve also meet today another teacher in Edmodo to get in touch Spanish and American students…this looks promising.” - Teacher
  • Students are spending more time engaging in teaching and learning – both inside and outside the classroom
    • Since I only see my students one day a week, Edmodo has allowed me to extend my students’ learning and engagement in the material to more days. I have found the students exploring, questioning, and extending the ideas we discuss in class as well as developing a community of learners […] From the very first day of school, our students have made this space their own […] The students have asked for (and received) the creation of over 40 different groups that are both academic and social. They organized and created a weekly news show for our school (completely on their own). They created their own music and music videos.” – Teacher
    • Most importantly, I get my students interacting with each other. They want to learn, [and] they socialize with each other, asking important questions and having debates. It’s amazing to see the students get excited about learning.”  - Teacher