Grockit provides a traditional suite of test preparation tools with elements of social networking

  • What does the product do?

    • Prepares students for various standardized tests through practice problems, video courses, and tutoring
    • Students can compete against each other and communicate in some practice modes
  • How does it work?

    • Students can sign up for the online service for $29.99/mo. 
    • Schools can purchase Grockit for all of their students
    • Accessible through browser-based client or iPad or iPhone app
  • How is it used?

    • Students use Grockit as a primary or supplementary test prep tool
    • High schools can incorporate Grockit as part of their college readiness curriculum
  • What is the background?

    • Founded in December 2006 by Farbood Nivi and Michael Buffington
    • Has received $24.7M in VC funding
    • Angel investors include Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) and Mark Pincus (Zynga)



What's New

Grockit uses diagnostic and adaptive technology, game elements, and multimedia to augment traditional test prep services

  • Grockit creates personalized study plans that continuously adapt to student learning

    • Initial diagnostic tests determine study plans that focus on areas for improvement
    • As users practice and improve, their study plan automatically adapts to target new areas for improvement 
  • Gaming and social elements are incorporated to motivate students

    • Users earn points, badges, and achievements from completing practice problems that are shared with other users
    • Group games and leaderboards provide competitive incentives to succeed while allowing peers to teach and learn from each other
  • Grockit provides multiple learning modalities within a single comprehensive, affordable suite of test and college prep services

    • Users can practice on their own, chat with tutors, stream video courses, and collaborate with peers through for $30/month. Average in-person SAT prep courses can cost several hundred dollars
    • Grockit’s “school match” service gives college suggestions to students based on their anticipated scores based on their testing level 


What's Working

Grockit has been adopted in many innovative schools, has engaged and excited students, and has improved users’ test scores

  • Grockit is being used in several innovative schools as part of their college readiness curricula

    • KIPP schools, Florida Virtual Schools, and several universities are using Grockit 
    • Schools using Google Apps can provide Grockit to their students free of charge
  • Students have been excited and engaged by Grockit’s method of test preparation and have benefitted from the ability to interact with their peers

    • “Grockit really is an addicting way to study - it allows you to engage and collaborate with other people and makes studying fun. I had a fantastic experience with Grockit - the time I spent on the site really helped my test score.”-Student
    • “This is the best thing on the internet. Grockit is the only studying situation that never made me fall asleep”-Student
    • “I like Grockit because... as well as getting help from others, I enjoy being able to explain solutions to other students when I'm the one who understands, as it strengthens my own understanding.”-Student
  • Grockit’s method of test preparation has been shown to improve performance

    • Social learning as an instructional design has been shown to increase scores on college readiness tests by ~2/3 of a standard deviation


See It: 

Grockit Introduction/Marketing Video

Grockit Introduction/Marketing Video

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