Kickboard is an innovative digital gradebook that tracks and enables diagnosis of academic and behavioral performance

  • What does the product do?

    • Provides real-time tracking of and access to students' performance to allow for targeted interventions to address specific focus areas
    • Provides tool for streamlining and automating a consistent school-wide behavior system
  • How does it work?

    • SaaS solution that is accessible through the web and requires secure login and password
    • Currently offers a free solution for individual teachers with basic and premium plans for schools and districts
  • How is it used?

    • Teachers and administrators are using it to build relationship with students and parents, tailor teaching according to students' academic needs
    • Kickboard is being incorporated into teacher training and development programs to teach educators how to be diagnosticians 
  • What is the background?

    • Founded in 2009 by Jen Medbery
    • Received $750,000 in angel funding


What's New


Kickboard offers a centralized dashboard with real-time collaboration and easy-to-use diagnosis tools

  • Kickboard provides meaningful real-time reporting and tracking of academic, behavior, and family data in one centralized view

    • Customized daily or weekly progress reports and report cards can be created to provide regular meaningful updates to educators, parents and students
    • System of consequences and rewards to track character development, and grades and standards-mastery to track academic progress
    • All notes from parent meetings, phone calls, and home visits tracked in one place to ensure consistent communication with families
  • Kickboard provides an analytical platform to diagnose and address academic and behavior problems in a systematic and consistent manner

    • Teachers can track and break down assignments by skill or standard, using any curriculum to identify academic strengths and problem areas
    • Behaviors are updated in real-time so advisors can check on each students' performance throughout the day and intervene accordingly
  • Kickboard’s real-time collaboration feature allows for increased dialogue and interaction between teachers and administrators 

    • Teachers and administrators can simultaneously submit data and collaboratively identify academic and behavioral trends across classes, grades and schools
    • Teams can prepare small group instruction without having to email and merge spreadsheets


What's Working


Kickboard is helping schools reinforce a common school culture and address behavior issues more easily and consistently

  • Schools are defining a common school culture, tracking it regularly and reinforcing it through a consistent system

    • Kickboard really helps us in maintaining high expectations from the class of the classrooms because the expectations are the same. With Kickboard we all speak the same language. Kickboard is kind of like the lifeline of our school, I am not sure what will we do without kickboard.” - Teacher
    • You can earn “Grammys” for following our core values like community, respect, integrity, scholarship and empathy. And you can lose “Grammys” for doing things you are not supposed to do. Kickboard has made it so that Grammys are not a mystery to students. Students know exactly know why they have lost or earned Grammys, and it’s really just miraculous. The parents see every comment, every detail that students take home. We are able to actually go back and say this teacher put in this comment that very specifically addressed this behavior.” - Teacher
  • Teachers are identifying and addressing student behavior trends more easier and more consistently

    • [Kickboard] allows us to troubleshoot on a day-to-day real time basis. It allows us at the end of the day to say this is how [the student] did today.” - Teacher
    • If we see a student is struggling, we are able to make a behavior intervention plan for them.” - Teacher
    • "We were wasting a lot of time creating different trackers... This is a much more effective way that models the urgency that we want to see in our classrooms.” – Teacher
    • It allows me to kind of see those trends, where I am not having to think back Oh! How many times have they been on Purple and I am not having to go into 5 different of their databases.” – Teacher
    • "Our teachers are able to easily track what are the choices our kids are making, and then we’ll be able to start really think about “Are we noticing, you know, the same scholars are consistently making yellow choices and what’s the root cause of that.” The only way we can make decisions around what are the interventions we are putting in place for behavior, if we are seeing the behavior consistently.” – School administrator


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