LearnZillion videos provide examples of best practice for teachers and alternate learning methods for students

  • What does the product do?

    • Videos of great teachers serve as professional development for struggling teachers
    • Students watch videos as substitute or supplement to classroom instruction
  • How does it work?

    • Delivered online on computer and mobile device browsers
    • Separate teacher and student portals allow for customized playlists, assignability and monitoring
  • How is it used?

    • As a supplemental learning tool for students in the classroom and at home
    • As a professional development tool for teachers and diagnostic tool for their students; application has expanded organically based on teacher use
  • What is the background?

    • Started at E.L. Haynes Charter School in Washington, D.C. as a professional development tool for teachers
    • Expanded to over 20 schools in D.C. as a teaching and training tool
    • Currently has grade 3-8 math content aligned to Common Core standards; expanding to ELA
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What's New

LearnZillion is innovative in its applicability to both student and teacher learning and the lens it provides into student progress

  • Teachers can improve their craft by learning from master teachers

    • Videos provide an example of best teaching practice for each standard
    • Video commentary provides extra detail into how to teach each standard
    • Each lesson comes with supplemental materials to aid live instruction
  • Teachers can tailor content and instruction to individual student needs

    • Teachers build playlists for the entire class or customized to each student
    • Collection of videos and materials for live instruction creates additional modalities to be used with students
  • Students have access to high quality instruction

    • Online videos are matched to individual Common Core standards
    • All content is taught by master teachers; a broad team of teachers ensures that each only produces content in the areas they specialize in
    • Practice questions reinforce and test skills learned
  • Online portal provides access to individual student progress

    • Portal shows how students are progressing and performing on practice exercises and monitors activity completion; accessible to teachers, administrators and parents


What's Working

LearnZillion has seen rapid uptake, allowing it to expand and reach more teachers and students

  • Teachers have increased access to their peers and resources generated by master teachers, enabling more exact content assignment for students

    • Teachers now have access to videos of high quality lessons and supplemental materials for each grade 3-8 Common Core math standard
    • By fall 2012, LearnZillion will have content and videos from 200+ math and ELA teachers for grades 3-9
    • Teachers can easily identify content tagged to standards and assign it based on previous performance statistics
  • Student access to high quality instruction has grown

    • LearnZillion began as a one school pilot and expanded to 20 D.C. schools in the first year; videos are now being used in 150+ schools by over 4,000 teachers to guide teacher training and student learning
  • Student data is becoming more transparent and more effectively applied toward instruction and supplemental learning

    • “We’ll have a lot of useful data about which lessons work the best. We can then put that information into a dashboard about how to be strategic with instruction. It’s an opportunity to give parents targeted advice about how to help their kids.” –Founder
  • LearnZillion has attracted support from a wide array of investors

    • A diverse group of investors – including the University of Michigan’s student-run fund and established VCs like DC Community Ventures – have raised over $2.4M in capital for LearnZillion in the last year
    • “LearnZillion is positioned to fundamentally enhance student learning by allowing teachers to personalize instruction” -Investor