Schoolnet provides districts and schools with integrated software solutions for student assessment, data analysis, teacher development, and parent communication

  • What does the product do?

    • Streamlines news and information from districts, schools, and teachers to parents
    • Provides formative assessments specifically linked to curriculum standards
    • Collects student data from assessments and provide analytical and reporting tools
    • Aggregates district’s curricula, lesson plans, instructional resources, and other tools for teachers
    • Acts as a vehicle for teacher feedback and catalog for PD activities
  • How does it work?

    • Various software suites sold either to districts who implement it throughout their schools or directly to individual schools
  • How is it used?

    • Teacher: as a gradebook, lesson planner, classroom organizer, test creator, and PD portal
    • Students & Parents: as a gradebook and course information hub
    • Schools & Districts: as a tool for examining and disaggregating student data
  • What is the background?

    • Founded in 1998 by Jonathan Harber and Denis Doyle
    • Acquired by Pearson in 2011 for $230M


What's New

Schoolnet improves education systems by serving as an integrated hub for assessments, student data, lesson plans, and teacher professional development plans

  • Teachers are provided with a wide range of formative assessments integrated into the system

    • Teachers can see where students are succeeding and struggling and tailor instruction accordingly
    • Teachers save time creating assessments
  • Schoolnet aggregates all student data and allows everyone to interpret

    • Data dashboards with analyses and reports are available to administrators, teachers, students, and parents
    • Districts can implement automatic screening processes to quickly and efficiently identify students in need of RTI before annual standardized test results
  • Schoolnet creates a platform for information sharing and collaboration between stakeholders and among teachers

    • Communications from the district, schools, and classrooms are integrated for easy parent consumption
    • A central district “knowledge bank” of lesson plans, instructional resources, and licensed content allows teachers to learn from each other and share best practices
  • Schoolnet facilitates individualized PD plans for teachers and promotes lasting improvement

    • Teacher observation feedback and PD materials are catalogued in an easily accessible portal
    • PD managers use the hub to enter observation feedback and develop, deploy, and follow up on individual PD plans for teachers
    • PD managers can observe student data for teachers to make sure that teachers are making lasting improvements in areas targeted for improvement


What's Working

Schoolnet has facilitated increased collaboration and tailored instruction in a large number of schools and districts

  • Schoolnet has already seen wide adoption in American K-12 schools and is easy to implement and customize

    • Serves more than 5 million students across the country
    • Employed in one third of America’s largest school districts such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Newark, and Denver
    • Newark Public Schools, a system of 40,000 students, implemented the Schoolnet Instructional Management System in 30 days
    • The interoperability and adaptability of Schoolnet allows the system to take into account district’s current IT situations and tools during implementation
    • Users experienced with data can create custom analyses, queries, and reports for their district, school, classroom, or student
  • Data and information sharing has created more collaboration between administrators and teachers

    • “The integration and collaboration that is happening in our schools has by far been the biggest impact Schoolnet has had in our district”-Administrator
  • Easy access to data and formative assessments have allowed teachers to spend more time on instruction

    • “By having access to class trends and specific student strengths and weaknesses, I can more accurately plan for the needs of my students and focus more on those areas where my students are struggling”-Teacher
    • “If a benchmark test is delivered on Friday, adjustments can be made in the instruction by Monday” -Administrator



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Introducing Schoolnet

Introducing Schoolnet

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